No Love in Their Hearts


The Zamaron queen raised her ring. “How can you do anything for true love when you have not the capacity for it?” She aimed the ring at Bri, then away from her, creating a portal. “If it were possible, we would see your true love through this portal.”

Bri was growing angrier by the second. How dare she say Bri hadn’t the capacity for true love! Bri had been confident that she knew she could love but, when the portal burst open a wave of fear washed through her veins, turning her blood cold. Looking into the portal, her heart lurched, for within the aura, Rilien gazed back at her. “I-It,…”
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No Love in Their Hearts


"How would an Asgardian understand love? All your species ever feel is lust. Look closer, Brianna Njorddottir. Do any of the males connected to the Star Sapphire appear unhappy to you? The Star Sapphire does not harm. It only tempers the warlike nature of all males."

She took Agapo’s words to heart, her face contorting in an angry snarl. She didn’t understand love?! The young woman didn’t care for anything else the queen had to say. “They know nothing else! Ask Rilien if he wants to be locked up in your crystal Hell! He would tell you no! They didn’t go of their own free will and that’s what’s wrong with what you have done! 

"You are no better than a man! Seducing them into a false state of trust only to lock them away in a rock!" She turned, blasting the crystal from Rilien’s wrist. "You will not harm him." Bri hovered in the air, inches from the queen’s face. "From this point on, what I do, I do for true love.” 

No Love in Their Hearts


"Brianna, stop! You’re going to injure yourself worse!" Rilien snapped, trying to halt Bri’s efforts.

"Why should I punish you for anything?" Agapo asked calmly. "You have done nothing. It is the males of any species that tend toward war. Aside, it seems, from your own, Asgardian Brianna Njorddottir. You can see it yourself. Why protect a male, and a Red Lantern at that, when all will be better and more loving this way?"

"This is not the way! Keeping them caged up?! How is that helpful to anything?! How are you creating love when you act out of hatred?!" 

Bri turned to Rilien and furrowed her brows. “You can’t assume that they all wish for war! Rilien lost his entire family while he had gone out to protect them! And some women lead the wars! Some women cause the fall of great civilizations!” She looked to Agapo again, shielding Rilien with her body. “I will not let you harm him!” 





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People always forget about this Tiana. Yes she worked hard her entire life for her dream, but when it came to taking the easy way she turned it down because it would hurt people. Nobody remembers that

Of course they don’t. People love to forget to Tiana.

Which is why we can’t.


I think that the greatest thing about Bri’s relationship with Raph is not just the fact that she can turn him into this huge fucking softie but the relationships she has with each of his brothers.


Bri and Donnie: Sciencebros yiss. Always talking about the universe though. 

Bri and Mikey: Pizzabros. And she kinda likes treating him as her own kid brother. 

And Leo reminds her of Kane. I think that if the two actually had the chance to hang, Kane and Leo would really get along. [Broody, overprotective, try to hard big bros ftw]



No Love in Their Hearts


Glancing back at Bri, Rilien saw the blood on her hand and saw red. Those damned guards had hurt her! He started fighting more fiercely and single-mindedly, barely noticing Agapo until he was shot down with a blast of violet-pink light and a crystal of the same colour encased his wrist, pinning him to the ground. “You! All this is your doing! Why?” he demanded.

Bri drifted in and out of reality, blood staining her uniform. She had to get up, though. She had to help him. The brunette shoved herself to her feet and stumbled to his side, doing whatever she could to break the crystal. Her emerald gaze darted to meet Agapo’s. “Please! Let him go! He’s done nothing to you aside from protect me! If you’re going to punish anyone please, j-just,… punish me instead!”

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That doesn’t prove anything!

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"Alright then, but we’ve not seen a building it quite sometime…." Luke wasn’t wanting to argue with her but it was true. They were surrounded by trees and rocks so unless they found a small cabin or suddenly got to the end of this forest they’d probably be walking for hours. Both of them had got pretty bashed up during that fight and Lukes leg was really needing a rest but Luke could tell that Bri wasn’t telling him something. Maybe them folk were still after them and Bri knew this and was trying to get as many miles as she could between them. If that was the case then Luke knew he had to push on. Even if his legs didn’t want to.

She nodded. “Well, it’s either we keep lookin’ or we find a tree to sleep in and I’d rather not sleep in no more trees.” She sighed. It wouldn’t be long. Their luck just had to change. They had to keep going. Bri looked back at him, furrowing her brows while he limped. She should have been more careful. She should have watched him better. He wouldn’t have been hurt. She should have been the one to take that bullet. Not Luke.

"I’m sorry, by the way."

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