Fantastic Four was heinous, God help us if he directs the Fables movie.


MAGICAL MONSTER GIRLS some dumb idea i got and whipped all these girls up, had hella lot of fun

//Excuse me while I go delete hours of my fucking work and cry myself to sleep.

What’s a phrase your character mumbles in their sleep that mine overhears? I’ll write their response to it.

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He leaned against the elevator and watched her quietly. The first time he’d seen her in that dinner, nearly 3 months ago, he’d known she was a wonderful woman. Sweet, caring, kind, loving. Her beauty was only an added bonus. He just didn’t want to say anything. He knew he complimented her, promised her the moon and back, and maybe was a bit too affectionate. He just couldn’t help it. Something about her drew him too her and he couldn’t resist. He didn’t want to. But he refused to make his feelings known, he wouldn’t make her feel obligated to be with him for any reason. So he just smiled at her as they stepped out of the elevator and into the garage. “So gorgeous, what are you craving?” Moving to the car he opened the door for her with a bright smile. “Whatever you want is what we’ll have.”


She smiled and looked thoughtful. “In all honesty, a bacon cheeseburger with lots and lots of bacon and cheese sounds great. And french fries. Actual fresh french fries. I’d die for that. And,… sweet tea.” She hadn’t had any caffeine all day so she assumed it’d be alright. Though, Tony’s AI system, Jarvis, had taken on the duty of being the doting mother throughout the whole pregnancy. He always worried about what she was doing for the baby’s health. And Bri was always doing what she could. Every once in a while she felt the need to indulge in something like sweet tea. Even if Jarvis advised against it since he’d become so well versed in pregnancies and unborn babies. Bri chuckled at the thought. “Just don’t tell Jarvis.”


Loki with children will always be my favourite thing ♥

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Gren breathed a content sigh as he stood out in the yard of the small farm house he and Bri shared. A content smile on his face as he placed his hands on his hips. Hearing the door behind him open. Turning around his smile widened as he watched his wife as she moved to join him. "Mornin' sugar."



Hand on her stomach, the brunette slid her hand down the rail as she moved down the steps and into the yard. Bri grinned at him, scrunching up her nose at the nickname. “Hey baby. You’re up early.” The Fable moved to stand beside her husband, lifting on her toes to kiss him.

"Sorry if I woke you up this morning, with me stumbling into everything. And well the racket I made in the kitchen probably wasn’t helping you too much." Upon remembering his eyes widened. Smiling down at his wife he took her by her hand and lead her back into the house.

"Speaking of the kitchen I made breakfast." He said, leading her into the kitchen. Watching as Bri’s eyes lit up as she saw the plate of pancakes on the table. A glass orange juice beside it. "I,uh, hope you like banana pancakes. I WAS going to make chocolate chip but the chocolate chips I bought went missing." He grinned.

She blushed with embarrassment. That had been her. Bri, since she was pregnant, craved chocolate more than anything nowadays. Used to, it wasn’t something she really enjoyed eating all the time. But now? She couldn’t get enough. 

Looking up at him apologetically, the brunette tucked a curl behind her ear. “I’m sorry,…”

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